I will be a Father to you, and you will be sons and daughters to Me, says the Lord Almighty.
- 2 Corinthians 6:18

bucket list

Adventurous souls do adventurous things. While a basic, day in, day out life is safe and comfortable, Christ calls us beyond our comfort zones. The life I pray for is not one where I wake up one day saying, "I wish I had." So here it is. The bucket list of a 16 year old girl who craves a passionate, joy{full} life. 

1. go skydiving

2. take a spontaneous road trip

3. go scuba diving

4. visit 6 continents (sorry, Antarctica)

5. read the entire Bible

6. become adept at using chopsticks

7.  see a shooting star

8. go on a cruise

9. watch a meteor shower

10. adopt my own dog

11. go to a Taylor Swift concert

12. visit all 50 states

13. ride a camel

14. take a photography class

15. zipline in Central America 

16. eat crepes at a bakery in France

17. accept imperfection

18. run a half-marathon

19. learn sign language

20. become {nearly} fluent in Spanish

21. graduate college

22. swim in all 5 oceans

23. buy a home

24. go on a Disney cruise

25. write a different person a letter/note every day for a month

26. become flexible

27. see a musical on Broadway

28. dance with my dad at my wedding

29. visit Switzerland

30. get my ears {re}pierced

31. take a backpacking trip

32. ride an elephant

33. adopt my own cat

34. take a writing class

35. visit New York City {on New Year's Eve}

36. go bungee jumping

37. do a gap year/extensive mission trip {6+ months}

38. pay for a stranger's meal in a restaurant

39. run in a color run 

40. cage-dive with sharks

41. eat breakfast in bed

42. visit Paris

43. attend the Kentucky Derby

44. learn to shoot a gun

45. write a book

46. go to an Adele concert

47. visit the Grand Canyon

48. go on an African safari

49. learn to play the piano well

50. swim with dolphins

51. ride a horse on the beach

52. get a small, meaningful tattoo

53. go to Disney World

54. visit New Zealand

55. inspire people

56. read 52 books in a year

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  1. Hey - can you take a spontaneous road trip to Canada and we can check some of these off together?! [Like #17? yes. please. forever figuring that one out. :)]