I will be a Father to you, and you will be sons and daughters to Me, says the Lord Almighty.
- 2 Corinthians 6:18

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Place Where Fairness Ends and Sacrificial Love Overflows

  It's not fair. It's completely, utterly unfair.

 Why should I be sitting here in my bedroom that is over twice the size of Yikram's house?

 I'm getting a queen-size mattress this week. So why should Yikram's mother have to send three of her children to live with family four hours away because they don't even have a bed the size of a twin. 

 I don't understand. I hate it. It's not fair that I have multiple flushing toilets when they share one squatty potty with the whole block. 

 It isn't fair that I have the chance for an education when in my heart's home across the world, a woman is selling plastic water jugs to earn money that won't even cover the rent, much less send a child to school.

 I'm sick of it. I'm sick and tired of being comfortable in first-world America and my breaking heart is affirming that. My heart is screaming "why?!"  I'm weeping at the injustice and wondering just where is the hope?! Where is the fairness in this broken mess of a world? And why isn't anyone doing anything?! 

 But you know what else wasn't fair? It wasn't fair for Me to be nailed between two pieces of splintered wood. To those that loved Me, it didn't seem fair for Me to be openly scorned and rejected for crimes I didn't commit.
 It didn't seem fair that I, the Lord of heaven and earth, would be placed into a cave when I had promised eternal life. On that day as dark as night, My people too wept and cried out and wondered just where exactly was the hope and the justice. But as they were weeping, heaven was rejoicing because finally there was a way for justice. There was a way for hope. My people saw it for themselves when they saw Me three days later. They saw that out of the terribly unfair situations came beauty. Out of the pain came life. Full, abundant life in Me, everlasting life just as I promised. 

 On that hill where the concept of "fair" ended, they saw the most powerful demonstration of My sacrificial love.

 I hear your cry for justice. Just as I hear their cries. I hear the cries of a mother broken and missing her children. I hear the cries of a daughter hungry and wondering if she will be able to make anything of her life. And I am sharing in their sufferings; My heart breaks for them as well.

  It didn't seem fair or just that I should die, but I brought life. And I am bringing justice to their world filled with darkness. You asked why no one was doing anything but you, My child, you are the one who can do something. You are the one now who can show them selfless, sacrificial love in the places where it doesn't seem fair.

 And you are not the only one. I am continuing to call out My people. I'm commissioning others just like you to bring justice to the nations. I want to meet you in the place where fairness ended, so you can see My love abound. Meet Me at the cross. Be made new here. Renew your strength so you can continue to fight the injustice. But remember, in Me the battle is already won. My love for the world is greater than the heartbreak; it's greater than the injustice. In that love, I Am making all things new. Just trust Me.


  1. "Just trust Me."

    Abigail, do you ever have a way with words! And your words always seem to come at the perfect time for me. :) Thanks, sister.

  2. God bless you, Abigail. I needed that this morning.